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The Life Erotic is a predominantly erotic website focusing on the sexiest young women you can imagine. They indulge in various sexy activities that end with earth-shattering, genuine orgasms. Many things make The Life Erotic stand out amongst its contemporaries.

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Review {Highlights}

  • Content: Amplified Met Art Network experience: masturbation, solo, and lesbian scenes with an S&M-style twist to them. There are blindfolds, handcuffs, leashes, etc. 
  • Download: No limits, no reason NOT to download videos.
  • Video: Over 1.2k videos with an average runtime of 10 minutes. Most of the clips are available in breathtaking Ultra-HD 4k (3840×2160; 13900k).
  • Galleries: Over 2.7 galleries with approximately 110 pictures per set. Can be viewed in high (3000×2000) resolution.
  • Models: Eastern European. Young, mostly white, all exceptionally good-looking.
  • Updates: Every day.
  • Additional: Tags, categories, and other neat filtering options. Blogs. Newsletter. Bios. Lengthy descriptions.


  1. Taboo S&M elements. Not too many softcore sites dabble in the world of BDSM. Here, you’re going to see women donning fetish-themed garbs, including latex dresses. They will also incorporate various toys and tools into their masturbation sessions and lesbian romps. Some babes prefer nipple clamps, some love crawling around on a leash, some enjoy blindfolds, etc.
  2. Your expectations will be subverted. Just when you think you know exactly how it’s going to unfold, the scene swerves in an entirely different direction. For example, one of the videos seems to be a fairly standard shoe fetish ordeal… when suddenly the beauty in question decides to take off one of her pumps and pound her pussy with it. Shocking, huh?
  3. Women are legitimately gorgeous. Enough said!


  1. No bonus sites to explore.
  2. Some photoshoots take themselves too seriously. Nobody likes those needlessly pretentious, artsy-fartsy photoshoots.


Every gallery and video are available at The Life Erotic unravels like a beautifully written story with character development, clear storyline progression, and payoffs. As a result of that, it stands head and shoulders above the majority of other erotic sites, including some of the Met Art Network ones. The numerous techniques implemented by pornographers stop the content from turning into an attention-grabbing account of pure lust/filth. It’s hard to put into words, but, above all else, this feels like art. It IS art.

Please do not hesitate to visit this wonderful website and please don’t hesitate to use our special discount while you’re at it. As cliché as it might sound, you are NOT going to regret it. Just check out our special offer and enjoy the site with your own eyes.

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