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ALSScan is a fascinating website with a lot to offer. ALS, of course, stands for “All Ladies Shaved” and every single beauty featured on the site has a hairless pussy. For the most part, you’re going to see them either masturbating or indulging in girl-on-girl action.

Review {Highlights}

  • Content: Women with shaved pussies pleasure themselves and occasionally enjoy lesbo sex.
  • Download: Fast downloads with no limitations.
  • Exclusivity: All the content seems to be exclusive.
  • Video: Most clips (at least 80%) are available in Ultra-HD with 2000k-20000k bitrate. At present, there are over 3k scenes with an average runtime of 20 minutes. Over 3670 videos.
  • Galleries: Over 3816 galleries with at least 200 pictures per photoshoot. Professional photography, lack of airbrushing.
  • Models: Mostly Caucasian and authentic-looking women with body types ranging from gaunt to average. Close to 506 different girls, aged 18-30.
  • Updates: Regularly updated.
  • Additional: You can rate and comment, there are many different tags and categories present.


  1. Genuinely stunning women. All ~500 hair-free models are gorgeous in the most unforgettable way.
  2. Amazing action. Centerfold-worthy teen models masturbate, fuck each other, and do all kinds of exhibitionistic stuff. It really is captivating.
  3. Photoshoots are hot enough to stand on their own. Usually, picture galleries are treated as nothing more than an afterthought, but here you can tell that there was a lot of thought/care put into them.
  4. Great user experience with no performance issues and COUNTLESS amazing user features.
  5. Variety. They do dabble in the world of hardcore, so you can find some really exciting videos with women that can usually be seen in only softcore productions.


  1. Some of the model bios could use a little expansion. It would be great to know more about the women we’re looking at!


The key difference between this and many other websites is that while others are more explicit, brings eroticism right out into the open. This is the case even when the women get embroiled in kinkier endeavors such as squirting and foot fetish. If you need a website that will keep you engaged with a seemingly never-ending stream of content that is both artistically and sexually fulfilling, look no further than this website.

Even better, there is a current deal that you can take advantage of. So there’s no reason not to give this one a shot.

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AlsScan discount & review
AlsScan discount & review
$8.33-$9.99 $39.99
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  1. Excellent website. Top girls, extreme soft-core content and now good membership price!

  2. Don’t know how these discounts work but $8.33 discounted price converts at todays prices to £6.09 UK. Click the link to take up offer and am offered a discount price of £13.50, twice as much. Why?

  3. Here is the minimum price per month for a 1-year subscription. Monthly subscriptions are more expensive, but still much lower than the regular price.

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